Full Facilities Support

Full Facilities Support Services Nationwide

OTS-IEI provides our clients with a full spectrum services to include O&M, janitorial and grounds maintenance to provide a one stop solutions. One point of contact for all building related concerns 24/7/365! We are always ready to respond to our clients concerns. 

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services for all types of buildings

Here at OTS-IEI facilities operations and maintenance encompasses a broad spectrum of services, competencies, processes, and tools required to assure the built environment will perform the functions for which a facility was designed and constructed. 

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance to include lawn care, pest control and tree trimming

OTS-IEI provides lawn care, pest control, landscaping, tree trimming, snow removal, pressure washing walking surfaces, stripping of parking lots and installation of safety devices and signage in parking lots and/or fence lines.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services for Warehouse, Commercial and Industrial

OTS-IEI takes pride in the cleanliness of a building appearance, we protects building finishes, and safeguards health of both our employees and our clients. We provide client specific scheduled janitorial services to ensure our client can focus on their mission.

Logistical Support

Logistical Support Truck Fleet

Provide secure unmarked transport services, secure cleared warehouse space, asset temporary and remote storage, off site disposal of TSCA materials and armed and escorted transportation services.

Emergency Response Services

Emergency Asbestos and Lead Remediation


 OTS-IEI provides remedial action activities including asbestos and lead based paint removal; landfill capping and collection systems; sediment remediation; on-site chemical stabilization, building decontamination and demolition; and excavation and off-site disposal of Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) - contaminated waste materials.  

Commercial Water Damage & Flood Restoration


Water can get everywhere and damage parts of your building as well as furniture, documents, and equipment. We understand the urgency for immediate repairs and can act quickly to help minimize further damage. Disasters can strike unexpectedly, which is why our emergency response team is always standing by to deploy our highly trained and experienced teams to your facility within hours of your phone call.

Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration


 We know how dire the consequences of fire damage are and thanks to our team of highly trained personnel and specialized, state-of-of-the-art equipment and restoration techniques, we can help you to get your business back in operation. At OTS-IEI, we are aware of the urgency involved when it comes to protecting your investment, and we’re here to help you minimize damage to your business or facility. 

Emergency Generator Refueling Services


 With OTS-IEI's Emergency Generator Refueling Services, when the power is out, OTS-IEI guarantees fuel deliveries to keep your generator operating until the power outage is resolved, regardless of how long the outage lasts. Our staff will work with your team to create a plan detailing our operational agreements and procedures in the event of a power outage. 

Emergency Response Logistical Services


Emergency situations and other unique moving situations don’t happen every day but when they do you need a company who is ready and able to do the job quickly and effectively. We are here to support government, law enforcement, medical, and other response teams who need to move large items or warehouse inventory quickly.